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Apple mail to PST converter full with latest facilities in mail migration

Now you can trade the task to migrate Apple to PST with Apple mail to PST converter full version by USL Software. Named as Mail Extractor Pro, this tool by USL Software is a full Apple mail to PST converter which performs as more than a mail converter.

 Apple Mail to PST Converter

You can convert Apple Mail, Postbox mailbox database, Mozilla Thunderbird, MBOX to PST data file format for Microsoft Outlook 2016/ 2015/ 2011 for Mac and Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and Office 365 for Windows. Complementary with this service you get a full Apple mail to PST converter which is high speed and comes with matchless safety.


Here are some of the greatest features of this tool

Multi- conversion facility:

This Apple mail to PST converter would fully convert your Apple mail to Outlook PST, MBOX to Outlook PST, Thunderbird/ Postbox to Outlook PST. You can choose which facility you want from among these.

Auto-loads entire mailboxes:

Partial or incorrect conversion is not a possibility with this mail migration tool. It can load the entire mailboxes without missing even a single mail data item. So, this tool is true to its name as a full Apple mail to PST converter.

Maintains folder hierarchy solidly:

This is an Apple to PST converter full in control of every aspect of the data while carrying the conversion. With it you can be reassured regarding the arrangement of your files, since they are put in order as per as their size, into sequence of folder and subfolder.

Supports all Unicode elements:

Unicode elements i.e. languages in double-byte characters are usually victims of data corruption in mail migration. That would however not occur with this full Apple mail to PST converter. It comes with a full protection plan for all sorts of languages, non-English and those with double-byte characters too.

Bug and error-free conversion:

The original files remain thoroughly safe and secure during the conversion process. You would not have to face corruption or incomplete conversion of your files.

Ultra-fast performance:

Yet another benefit of using this Apple mail to PST converter is that it fully converts the files in no time. So unlike freeware or when you use a freeware, waiting for long hours to the result to turn up is a picture out of question. It feels as easy as copy and paste of any simple file.

User-friendly GUI and easy installation:

This tool has been prepared to work for every kind of user- an expert as well as a beginner ignorant of the whole mail migration process. The installation of this tool is free of intricate steps and is ready to use every time.

Bulk conversion:

Even if you want to use this Apple mail to PST converter fully to convert files in bulk, you would not be disappointed. It would let you convert all the files, irrespective of their size in one go.

The Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software is thus a tool you should definitely buy if you are looking for an Apple mail to PST converter fully trustworthy. Get the tool from the link highlighted below.