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Migrate Postbox to Outlook – A Quick and Concern-free way to Transfer Data!

migrate postbox to outlook

It is easy to migrate Postbox to Outlook, if you know how to. But more important than that, if you have the right tool, you also do not need any spare time to learn how to. A professional email converter is what you need to get the job of email transfer across email clients done in a quick and safe way.

Migrate Postbox to Outlook for Mac and Windows

Many people who try Postbox to Outlook migration often report of the most common obstacle – loss of productivity. They spend too much getting the hand of how the converter application they are using. Many such applications have a high learning curve and require some basic knowledge about the email migration and all the technical jargon involved. Moreover, even after you have an idea how to use the tool for converting Postbox to Outlook, the speed of data processing itself can be too slow. It’s worse when there are thousands of emails and perhaps hundreds of folders in Postbox. Taking it one step further, if the database has large file attachments, the overall time to get the entire job done – from gathering data for conversion to importing output into Outlook – can get your productivity down multiple notches.

A large Postbox when converted to Outlook gives you a large PST file. Importing a large PST file to Outlook is full of setbacks and risks. A large PST file also adds to the risk of data corruption.

For this reason alone, Postbox to Outlook data transfer is often not the most appealing task to find in your schedule.

And we haven’t even touched on the other issues a task like this can bring up – incomplete conversion, missing metadata, broken folder hierarchy, and so on.

But there is a way out of all this, and that is only through an app that is built with specific consideration to the problems of data migration, and even more specifically, for Postbox to Outlook PST.

Postbox to Outlook Migration Tool

This is the massive gap that “Mail Extractor Pro” tool from USL Software fills with excellence and precision. Designed to target the Postbox database using highly optimized algorithms, the tool will instantly and accurately convert everything stored in your Postbox into Outlook compatible PST format.

Mail Extractor Pro is designed to convert Thunderbird, Postbox, Mac Mail, EML and MBOX to PST file format.

postbox to outlook migration

What about the time required to migrate data?

Luckily, the tool solves it in two simple ways:

  • giving you a basic interface that does not need any experience or you to go through long tutorials or to learn the technical jargon of email migration.
  • Superfast and responsive data-processing that handles even the large number of emails with large attachments very well.

If you start it up now, you can instantly start the conversion process, without knowing anything beforehand. Everything is taken care by its user-friendly features and the intuitive UI. The tool also offers a simple way to avoid the issue of large PST files by letting you split them into multiple smaller files. This makes it quicker to import them in Outlook and also reduces the chances of data corruption.

Get this to Migrate Postbox to Outlook (*.pst file) 

Download Now:

“Mail Extractor Pro” brilliantly puts an end to the dread and anxiety regarding migrating Postbox to Outlook PST. Through high-end features but a user-friendly interface, you get the best and safest possible way to transfer all that was stored in your Postbox into PST format.

Get the free trial and convert and migrate your files – with safety, speed, and without any concerns. If you are looking for EML, MBOX, Thunderbird/Postbox or Apple Mail to PST converter, then try it today.